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Located in the heart of Craigieburn, 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064 stands as a testament to the area’s burgeoning growth and family-friendly ethos. Emphasising the significance of early childhood development, the site is home to the Wayi School TheirCare, which reflects the community’s dedication to nurturing the welfare and education of its children. While still unreviewed, the presence of this facility underscores the increasing need for esteemed child care services in response to the suburb’s expansion.

“Capture the essence of 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064 as a bustling suburban hub, complete with modern architecture and lively community spaces.”

Earmarked as a pivotal point of convenience within Craigieburn 3064, the notable 1200 Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn encapsulates the essence of the suburb – combining residential allure with essential services. This address is more than a location; it’s a critical piece in the community infrastructure, supporting the locality’s growth and suiting its residents’ dynamic lifestyles.

Key Takeaways

  • Critical hub for child care and education within Craigieburn 3064.
  • Features of 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064 resonate with the community’s growth trajectory.
  • The Wayi School TheirCare plays a fundamental role in supporting local families.
  • The evolutionary potential of Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn as a desirable residential option.
  • No reviews yet, indicating a fresh opportunity for community feedback and engagement.
  • Untapped potential waiting to be realised at this prime Craigieburn location.

Exploring 1200 Aitken Blvd: The Heart of Craigieburn

In the bustling suburb of Craigieburn, 1200 Aitken Boulevard stands as a beacon for families seeking quality early childhood education. This coveted address is more than just a landmark; it plays a pivotal role in shaping the lives of its youngest residents.

The Role of Wayi School TheirCare at 1200 Aitken Boulevard

Wayi School TheirCare, a tenant at 1200 Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064, is renowned for its commitment to fostering a nurturing and secure environment for children. The presence of this institution speaks volumes about the suburb’s dedication to not just education, but the holistic development of its children.

Understanding the dynamics of early childhood development, Wayi School TheirCare has been pivotal in providing a structured and supportive backdrop for learning. Families in Craigieburn and the surrounding areas place their trust in the comprehensive services that this centre provides, believing in a brighter future thanks to the educational foundations laid here.

Licensed Child Care Capacity and Facilities

The facility at 1200 Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn is licensed to accommodate up to 15 children, indicative of an intimate setting conducive to personalized care and attention. Craigieburn’s investment in such facilities underlines a broader trend in the community’s priorities, focusing on a high-quality, early learning curriculum.

While the National Quality Standard (NQS) rating is still in the provisional stage, it’s clear that the benchmark is set for excellence in health, safety, and staffing. The steps taken by Wayi School TheirCare at Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064 assure parents that their children are in capable hands, with the prospect of the NQS rating evolving alongside the centre’s progressing services.

The Real Estate Landscape Around Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064

The area surrounding Aitken Boulevard in Craigieburn 3064 has become a hotspot for real estate activity, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs. The blend of urban convenience with suburban tranquillity makes 1200 Aitken Boulevard an attractive location for prospective renters and home buyers alike.

Comparing Rental Opportunities Near 1200 Aitken Boulevard

When it comes to rental options, the vicinity of 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064 doesn’t disappoint. A variety of townhouses and apartments offer modern living spaces within arm’s reach of essential amenities. Competitive pricing and the quality of life that Craigieburn 3064 affords its residents make it a sought-after postcode.

A bird’s eye view of the real estate landscape around Aitken Boulevard, Craigieburn 3064, showcasing the different types of housing options available such as apartment complexes, townhouses, and single-family homes. The image should also highlight the surrounding greenery, parks, and recreational areas in the vicinity.

Townhouse Trends in the Vicinity of Aitken Boulevard

Recent townhouse developments near Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064 indicate that compact, stylish living is on the rise. Understanding the real estate dynamics of this area is key for those looking to invest or nest in Craigieburn. Here’s an overview of the current trends:

Property AddressSizeWeekly Rental PriceAmenities
20 Abbington St3-bedroom, 2-bathroom$450Close to schools and parks
13 Huntingfield St2-bedroom, 1-bathroom$410Near shopping centres
Properties on Abbeywood StVarious configurationsStarting from $380Easy access to public transport

The alignment of affordability, style, and convenience makes residing in Craigieburn 3064, particularly near Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn, an excellent choice for many. With amenities supporting a comfortable lifestyle and the warmth of a community-driven suburb, the emphasis on quality living is evident.

Community and Education Services at 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064

The hub of Craigieburn’s community and educational services resides at 1200 Aitken Boulevard, where a concerted effort is made to ensure that early childhood education adheres to stringent benchmarks. Underpinning this commitment are the National Quality Standard Ratings, where local services including those at 1200 Aitken Blvd demonstrate a determination to uphold exemplary standards for the benefit of every child in care.

Assessing the National Quality Standard Ratings

The assurance of quality in childcare is paramount across Craigieburn, with facilities like the ones found at 1200 Aitken Boulevard, sustaining high-quality care and educational standards. Within the sector, provision of services is closely monitored through the National Quality Standard (NQS) ratings — a benchmark that evaluates the caliber of childcare against predefined criteria of excellence.

Before School Care Services in Craigieburn

Foundational to Craigieburn’s commitment to child welfare are the before school care services that support working families and early education. Specifically, the before school care services at 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064 play a significant role, contributing robustly to the tapestry of education options available for parents within the community.

Service NameAddressNQS RatingVacancy StatusAverage Cost
Craigieburn Early Education1200 Aitken Boulevard, Craigieburn 3064Meeting NQSVacancies Available$141.93 – Child under 3 years
Mickleham Childcare ServicesNearby Mickleham AreaExceeding NQSLimited Vacancies$151.62 – Child over 3 years
Kalkallo Kids CareKalkallo Suburb, Craigieburn 3064Meeting NQSVacancies Available$145.00 – All age groups

The array of options not only showcases the high standards of care available but also the flexibility in choices for the residents of Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn and its surrounds. This table exemplifies the assurance parents can have in both the quality and accessibility of early childhood services in the region.


As the suburb of Craigieburn evolves, the significance of 1200 Aitken Blvd Craigieburn 3064 as a pivotal location cannot be overstated. It stands not only as a landmark but also as a testament to the community’s capacity for growth and its dedication to enhancing local services. The collective vision for the area suggests a future where educational facilities and child-focused amenities continue to mature, in step with an increasing population.

Future Outlook for 1200 Aitken Blvd and Its Surroundings

Looking ahead, we can anticipate a sustained development in the quality and breadth of childcare and educational services provided at 1200 Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064. This progress is integral to supporting both new and existing families in the area, affording them the confidence that Craigieburn is a place of both prosperity and thoughtful provision for its younger residents. The positive trajectory of this locale is set to strengthen Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064’s role within the fabric of the community.

Investing in the Growing Suburb of Craigieburn 3064

For investors and residents alike, Craigieburn 3064 presents comprehensive opportunities firmly anchored by its community hubs, such as 1200 Aitken Boulevard. The suburb boasts a diversity of real estate options, from modern townhouses to family-friendly rentals, making it an attractive proposition for both the residential and investment markets. As Craigieburn’s infrastructure and services expand, the area surrounding 1200 Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064 is likely to become increasingly sought-after, promising a vibrant and connected lifestyle for all who choose to make it their home.


What facilities are available at 1200 Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064?

1200 Aitken Boulevard is home to the Wayi School TheirCare, which is a licensed child care centre with the capacity to cater for up to 15 children. It provides provisional education and childcare services, focusing on health, safety, and staffing arrangements.

What is the role of Wayi School TheirCare at 1200 Aitken Boulevard?

Wayi School TheirCare plays a vital role in supporting the families of Craigieburn by providing quality before school care services. It contributes to the community’s need for reliable child care, favouring a nurturing and educational environment for the suburb’s younger residents.

Are there any rental opportunities near Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 3064?

Yes, there are several rental opportunities near Aitken Boulevard, including townhouses that offer competitive rental prices reflecting the vibrancy of Craigieburn’s housing market. The availability of such properties suggests a stable real estate sector around Aitken Boulevard.

How does the child care capacity and facilities at 1200 Aitken Boulevard fit into the larger Craigieburn area?

The child care capacity at 1200 Aitken Boulevard is indicative of the broader commitment in the Craigieburn area to providing quality early childhood education facilities. With many child care centres in the region, including Mickleham and Kalkallo, families have access to a robust support network.

What does the National Quality Standard Rating say about the education services at 1200 Aitken Boulevard?

The National Quality Standard (NQS) rating for the Wayi School TheirCare at 1200 Aitken Boulevard is currently provisional, which is part of the broader commitment to maintaining high standards in educational services in the area.

Are there townhouse trends to be aware of in the vicinity of Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn?

Yes, the consistent interest in properties such as townhouses near Aitken Boulevard indicates an active residential market in Craigieburn. With rental prices averaging around $460 per week, there is a clear indication of stable demand for housing in this suburb.

What is the future outlook for 1200 Aitken Blvd and its surroundings?

As Craigieburn continues to grow and the population increases, there is a positive outlook for the enhancement of childcare and educational services at addresses like 1200 Aitken Boulevard. The area is expected to see growth in the quality and quantity of provisions and facilities to match the expanding needs of the community.

Why might investing in the growing suburb of Craigieburn 3064 be advantageous?

Investing in Craigieburn, particularly around essential community locations like 1200 Aitken Boulevard, presents ample opportunities given the suburb’s appeal to families and professionals. The proximity to quality services, the vibrant housing market, and the focus on community and education services make it a ripe area for investment.