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5 Bedroom House For Sale In Craigieburn

5 Bedroom House For Sale In Craigieburn
Looking for the perfect 5 bedroom house in Craigieburn can be a daunting task. With over 100 options available, you may feel overwhelmed with choices. This blog post is designed to answer your most pressing questions and help navigate through this sea of potential dream homes.
Let’s head on this exhilarating journey towards finding your perfect abode!

Key Takeaways

  • There are currently 103 five – bedroom houses for sale in Craigieburn, VIC 3064.
  • Popular areas in Craigieburn for five – bedroom houses include Newbury Boulevard, Foundry Circuit, Barkers Crescent, and Bluebird.
  • The price range for these houses varies, with the median price being $615,500.
  • When buying a five – bedroom house in Craigieburn, consider factors such as location and surrounding suburbs, browse Allhomes listings for market insights, evaluate property type and features based on personal preferences and needs, determine a realistic budget including additional costs like stamp duty and conveyancing fees. Also important is researching nearby schools and amenities.

Overview of 5 Bedroom Houses for Sale in Craigieburn

5 Bedroom House For Sale In Craigieburn
In Craigieburn, there are currently a total of 112 5 bedroom properties available for sale.

Number of 5 bedroom properties available

Right now, 103 five bedroom houses wait for buyers in Craigieburn, VIC 3064. They are all up for grabs. Homely has a list of 61 out of these many properties open for sale. Check the current listings to find your dream house today! There’s no shortage with 93 different property results ready for you right away.
The large number gives you plenty to pick from. Don’t waste any time, dive into the sea of options and get yours right off the bat!

Popular areas in Craigieburn for 5 bedroom houses

Craigieburn is home to many large, five-bedroom houses. Streets like Newbury Boulevard and Foundry Circuit have lots to offer. Heritage Drive has properties with land size of around 640m2, such as the house at 12 Clovelly Drive.
It is well-kept and ready for a new owner.
Barkers Crescent and Bluebird are also top picks for five-bedroom homes in Craigieburn. These areas give buyers luxury choices that don’t cost too much. They also have spots near parks which families enjoy.
Many people want five-bedroom houses with granny flats here too.

Types of 5 Bedroom Houses in Craigieburn

5 Bedroom House For Sale In Craigieburn
There is a variety of 5 bedroom houses available in Craigieburn, ranging in size, design, features, and price.

Size and design variations

Many houses for sale in Craigieburn offer different sizes and designs. Some have large rooms, while others give a cosy feel. The design options are broad too. You can find modern styles with open-plan living areas.
Others have classic looks with separate rooms for dining and living. Bedroom configurations also vary greatly in these homes. A few properties even come with extra spaces that you could use as a home office or playroom.
These variations meet diverse buyer needs in the Craigieburn real estate market.

Features and amenities

Each 5 bedroom house in Craigieburn shines with great features. You can find homes with two main rooms, each having its own bathroom. There are big living areas to relax in. A separate dining spot is also there for eating times.
Some have a central bathroom for guests or kids to use. Many houses have large open yards at the back too, perfect for family gatherings and playtime with pets or children!

Price range

The price range varies for 5 bedroom houses in Craigieburn. The middle price is $615,500. You can find cheaper options and more costly ones as well. A house at 5 Glenbrae Street costs between $700,000 to $760,000.
Prices depend on a house’s size, design, and features. Also important is the location of the house in Craigieburn. So think about what you need before you decide how much money to spend.
Prices keep changing with housing market trends so keep an eye on them!

What to Consider When Buying a 5 Bedroom House in Craigieburn

Consider the location and surrounding suburbs, browse Allhomes listings, evaluate property type and features, determine your budget, and research nearby schools and amenities.

Location and surrounding suburbs

Craigieburn is in a prime spot. It’s near other cool suburbs. These include Roxburgh Park and Mickleham. You can find 85 houses with five bedrooms for sale here and nearby. This gives you many choices if you are looking to buy a house.
The median sale price in this area is $615,500. This makes it a good time to start house hunting in the property market here!

Allhomes listings lists many houses for sale in Craigieburn. The website shows 100 homes with five or more bedrooms. It helps buyers by giving market insights too. This includes the median sale price of $615,500 in the area.
Allhomes also shares news on property sales and auction results. Buyers can find a lot of useful data here to help pick their dream home.

Property type and features

In Craigieburn, there are different types of 5-bedroom houses to consider when buying a home. You can find single-story and double-story houses in areas like Mickleham, Donnybrook, and Greenvale.
These houses come in various designs and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences. When looking at property features, you’ll find that many of these homes offer amenities like multiple living areas, spacious kitchens, ensuite bathrooms, and outdoor spaces for entertaining.
The price range for 5-bedroom houses in Craigieburn varies depending on factors such as location and the specific features of the property. For more tailored search results when looking for your ideal home, online platforms like Homely provide detailed filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for among the available listings in Craigieburn.


When buying a 5 bedroom house in Craigieburn, it’s important to consider your budget. The median house price in Craigieburn is $630,000, and there has been a slight decrease in prices over the past year.
It’s essential to determine how much you can afford and set a realistic budget for your purchase. Take into account any additional costs such as stamp duty and conveyancing fees. Consider speaking with a mortgage broker to discuss your financing options and get pre-approved for a loan.
By having a clear budget in mind, you can focus on properties that fall within your price range and make an informed decision about the right home for you.

Nearby schools and amenities

When buying a 5 bedroom house in Craigieburn, it’s important to consider the abundance of nearby schools and amenities in the area. With a total of 103 5 bedroom properties for sale, there is a diverse selection to choose from.
The range of educational choices and conveniences nearby make Craigieburn an attractive location for families or those looking for convenience. So whether you’re searching for local educational institutions or facilities and services in close proximity, Craigieburn has extensive options to offer.


In Craigieburn, there are plenty of 5 bedroom houses for sale that could be your dream home. With various sizes, designs, and features available, there’s something for everyone. Take into account factors like location, budget, and nearby amenities when making your decision.
Start browsing now to find the perfect 5 bedroom house in Craigieburn!


How many bedrooms does the house in Craigieburn have?

The house in Craigieburn has 5 bedrooms.

How much is the asking price for the house in Craigieburn?

The asking price for the house in Craigieburn is not specified.

Does the house in Craigieburn come with any additional features?

Additional features of the house in Craigieburn are not mentioned.

Where is the location of the house in Craigieburn?

The location of the house in Craigieburn is specified as being located in Craigieburn, Australia.

Can I schedule a viewing or get more information about the house in Craigieburn?

To schedule a viewing or obtain more information about the house, it's best to contact the appropriate real estate agent or listing representative directly.