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About Craigieburn

Exploring the charm and development of the northern suburbs of Melbourne? You may have come across the name – Craigieburn. This dynamic suburb, located 25 km north of Melbourne’s Central Business District, is rich with history and cultural diversity.
Our post offers a comprehensive guide into what makes Craigieburn tick; from its demographics, recreational facilities to transportation options and local attractions. Don’t miss out as we dive into this charming Australian locale enriched with community spirit!

Key Takeaways

  • Craigieburn is a part of Melbourne. It lies 25 km north.
  • Many people live in Craigieburn. They come from many different countries.
  • This place has lots to do! You can learn, play sports, and shop here.
  • There are many types of homes in Craigieburn. Schools are great too!
  • Traveling is easy with trains, buses and cycle paths ready for use.
  • The Peppers Craigieburn resort offers luxury stays near beautiful views.

History and Demographics of Craigieburn

Craigieburn, a youthful and diverse suburb of Melbourne, boasts a rich history with striking demographics featuring residents hailing from numerous countries. The area has seen significant population growth in recent years, largely attributed to immigration.

Its populace speaks an array of languages but English remains predominant. A variety of faiths are practiced here, however Christianity is the most common. Several well-known individuals have their roots in Craigieburn, contributing to its vibrant character and charm.

Population and country of birth

Craigieburn is home to a rapidly growing and culturally diverse population with a significant number of residents born overseas.


Percentage / Number

Population born in Australia


Population born in India


Indian population (Non-English Speaking)

13.5% / 8,809 people

Other prominent countries of birth

Iraq, Sri Lanka, New Zealand

Population growth (1991 – 2011)


Total population in Hume City (Includes Craigieburn)

Approx. 260,000 residents

This diverse community contributes to the unique cultural fabric of Craigieburn. The population has seen significant growth between 1991 and 2011, primarily driven by housing growth. This trend signifies the area’s attractiveness and potential for both residential and commercial opportunities.

Language and religion

Craigieburn exhibits a rich diversity in languages spoken and religious beliefs held by residents. This diversity reflects a blend of various cultures and traditions that permeate the township.



English is the primary language, however, Punjabi and Arabic are notably prevalent languages spoken at home. There was a significant increase in Punjabi and Arabic speakers between 2016 and 2021, with an increase of 3,187 and 2,875 persons respectively.

The largest religious group is Western (Roman) Catholic, with 22.6% of the population or 14,727 people adhering. The number of Catholics in Craigieburn is higher than the national average, with 37.8% of the residents identifying as Catholic. Other common religious affiliations include No Religion (15.5%), Islam (11.9%), Not Stated (7.7%), and Sikhism (7.2%). Craigieburn also has a higher percentage of Eastern Orthodox followers compared to the national average.

It’s clear that Craigieburn’s linguistic and religious diversity is a testament to its multicultural character. Corporations looking to branch out into Craigieburn would do well to consider this diversity when designing their business strategies.

Notable residents

Craigieburn is home to many special people. One of them is Mick Malthouse. He coached Australian Football League (AFL) teams for many years. Malthouse led two teams to win the AFL title three times! Eddie McGuire, a famous TV host, also lives in Craigieburn.
He hosted “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and was president of an AFL team. Brett Deledio, a top player in the AFL, grew up here too.

Facilities and Recreation in Craigieburn

Craigieburn offers a myriad of facilities and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The Hume Global Learning Centre is an innovative space that ignites creativity, promotes learning and hosts community events.
It’s not just about intellectual pursuits; the suburb nurtures sport and recreation with well-maintained parks, sports clubs, gyms, indoor play centres and public swimming pools. On the commercial front, Craigieburn caters to both small businesses and bigger industries providing ample opportunities for economic growth within the community.

Hume Global Learning Centre

The Hume Global Learning Centre is in Craigieburn. It has IT training rooms and meeting spaces. These spaces can hold a small or medium-sized group. The Hume City Council runs the centre along with the nearby sports stadium.
Courses are on offer at the centre through Hume Multiversity, such as Arts, Business, and Sciences degrees. You can also find the Craigieburn Library here. This place isn’t just for learning; it’s also for getting people involved in their community and hosting cultural events.

Sport and recreation opportunities

Craigieburn is a hub for sports and play. It offers plenty of choices to enjoy and stay fit.
  • Craigieburn Sports Stadium is the main spot. It has five sports courts. There are three squash courts too.
  • For water lovers, there’s a 50 – meter pool on site. Two fun waterslides, Turbo Twist and The Viper, are there too.
  • In all, Craigieburn boasts more than 9,500 places to play sports and have fun. These include parks, leisure and recreation centers.
  • One popular place is the Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation Centre (BARC). More than 80,000 people visit BARC every three months.
  • Hume City Council owns and runs Craigieburn Sports Stadium. They work hard to make sure it’s a great place to play sports in the community.
  • The Stadium is getting better all the time. The council is always making updates to improve sport and play for everyone.

Commerce and industry

Many businesses call Craigieburn home. This bustling area has both large commercial zones and industries. The key to their growth is the great facilities and fun spots in Craigieburn.
One big name here is the shopping hub called Craigieburn Central. It gives a new way of buying things to those who live here. Then there is the busy area called Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan.
This plan points out where public land and other local stuff sit, like medical uses and places to have fun. So if you are into trade or manufacturing, this could be your place!

Residential Areas and Education in Craigieburn

Discover the diverse housing options and robust property market of Craigieburn, complemented by a range of quality educational institutions catering to all levels. Immerse yourself in this dynamic suburb’s residential life – read on to learn more!

Housing options and property market

Craigieburn is a good place to buy or rent a home. It has low-cost houses. The area also has many different types of homes to pick from. More people are moving there due to the strong local rental market.
There are also plans for new roads, schools, and parks in Craigieburn West and R2 Precinct. This will make it better for everyone living there. Over the past five years, house prices have dropped by -3.1%.
But unit prices have risen by 1.1%. So flats may be a good option too.

Education options

Craigieburn has a lot of choices for education.
  1. Four primary schools call Craigieburn home.
  2. There is one secondary school in the area.
  3. Two combined primary and secondary schools are in Craigieburn.
  4. One of these combined schools is an independent school.
  5. The Craigieburn Education and Community Centre Inc plays a big role in education here.
  6. It belongs to the Hume Neighbourhood Houses network and Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.
  7. Schools here give students many choices for learning.
  8. The Craigieburn West Precinct Structure Plan shows more chances for learning too.
  9. This plan links trails to buses, homes, schools, and safe spaces that look nice.
  10. There are even more schooling options around Craigieburn to pick from if you want more choices!

Transportation and Nearby Attractions in Craigieburn

Explore the convenience of Craigieburn’s transportation options, including its well-connected bus and train services. Get to know popular local attractions like the lush Peppers Craigieburn resort and Craigieburn Central shopping center.
The suburb’s cycling paths also offer an active travel choice for locals and visitors alike. Dive deeper into this Melbourne gem by reading our full article.

Bus and train options

Travel in Craigieburn is easy. There are a lot of ways to get around.
  1. The Craigieburn Line is a metro train line here. This train line takes you to different parts of Craigieburn.
  2. Bus services are also available, adding more travel options.
  3. Bus stops are everywhere making it easy for people to catch a ride.
  4. For upcoming projects, the Outer Metropolitan Ring/E6 reservation will create new road and rail links.
  5. These future links will make travel even more simple and quick.
  6. For those who like to walk or cycle, Hume region has paths for this.
  7. Many people use these paths not just for fun but also for daily travels like going to work or school.
  8. Highlands, a popular place in Craigieburn, can be reached by train from Melbourne’s city center.
  9. In the near future, the Craigieburn Line will have access to Metro Tunnel services offering more routes.
  10. All these options make travel in Craigieburn flexible and comfy for both locals and visitors alike.

Cycling paths

Craigieburn has many paths for bikes. The area is great for biking in the mountains. The town council gives out maps to help you find your way around. These maps show all walking and bike trails, as well as bus lines.
For both fun and work, people like to walk or ride their bikes here a lot. On the west side of town, there are shared paths along important roads where people can walk or cycle too.

Peppers Craigieburn resort

Peppers Craigieburn resort sits in the heart of Bowral, NSW Southern Highlands. It is only one and a half hours away from Sydney and Canberra. This makes it easy to reach for all guests.
The resort offers fine places to stay with super extras for guests who visit. These rooms are surrounded by beautiful views and waterfalls that make staying at Peppers Craigieburn an exciting escape.
Guests can enjoy the local wines because this plush spot is close to the New South Wales winegrowing region.

Craigieburn Secondary College

Craigieburn Secondary College stands tall in Hume City. This school has been around for close to 40 years, set up in 1984. The college lies within the quiet northern suburbs of Melbourne.
It serves a big crowd with over one thousand students, exactly 1184 to be exact! There is a lot of diversity here and everyone feels welcome. The goal is all about helping the community grow stronger together.
Learning at this school ranges far and wide, suited well for senior students starting from Year 11.

Craigieburn Central shopping center

Craigieburn Central is in the heart of Craigieburn. It’s a big shopping center with much to give. You can find top stores like Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, and Big W there. The 529 bus will get you there quickly.
It stops at both Lygon Drive and Central Park Avenue. The train also goes near it; just get off at the Craigieburn station. This mall helps out its area too! There are plans to build a community center as part of the Craigieburn R2 Precinct Plan.
Craigieburn is a vibrant place, full of life. It offers an exciting blend of culture and history. Its growth and amenities make living here easy and fun. Craigieburn really has something for everyone!


What is Craigieburn famous for?

Craigieburn is known for its parks, shopping centers, and sports clubs.

Where is Craigieburn located?

Craigieburn is located in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Can I find good food in Craigieburn?

Yes, you can find a variety of delicious food options at various cafes and restaurants in Craigieburn.

Is it safe to live in Craigieburn?

Yes, Craigieburn is considered a safe place to live with access to several community services.

Are there schools in Craigieburn?

Yes, there are plenty of primary and secondary schools available for students in Craigieburn.