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Land For Sale In Craigieburn

Land For Sale In Craigieburn
Looking for the perfect plot of land in Craigieburn to build your dream home? With a market offering over 500 properties, you’re spoilt for choice in this thriving suburb. Our blog post is set to guide you through understanding the local real estate landscape and how to navigate land sales successfully.
Dive into our tips and become one step closer to securing your slice of Craigieburn’s property pie!

Key Takeaways

  • Craigieburn is a top – rated suburb. It’s close to Melbourne’s city center. The area has many homes, units, and land for sale.
  • Agents like Reliance Real Estate help people buy land in Craigieburn. They know about property prices and market trends.
  • Living in Craigieburn comes with perks. Good roads, public hospitals, jobs, schools are there.
  • When buying land in Craigieburn: fix your budget first; Research the developer; Consider the location and size of the land; Learn about any zoning laws before you purchase.

Understanding the Craigieburn Market for Land Sales

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Median listing price

The median listing price of properties in Craigieburn varies based on the type of property in question.

Property Type

Median Listing Price





5+ Bedroom Houses

Price trends available on request

Please note that these prices are subject to change based on market conditions and property features. It’s also crucial to understand that the median sale price for houses is slightly lower at $625,000, a 3.1% decrease from the previous year. Meanwhile, the median sale price for units has seen a slight increase of 1.2% from last year, standing currently at $410,000. Always ensure to conduct thorough research or consult with a seasoned real estate agent to get the most accurate information.

Types of properties available

In Craigieburn, many types of properties are for sale. Houses, units, apartments and land are all available. This is true in both the property market and real estate market. Buyers have a lot of choices.
Private houses make up a good part of these options. Di Battista Real Estate sells many homes and apartments here. They also sell in nearby suburbs too. Affordable homes under $600,000 can be found with ease.

Top rated suburbs

Craigieburn and Mickleham are top-rated suburbs in Victoria. People love these areas for their easy living style. They have postal code 3064. Two well-known real estate agents help people buy land here.
Di Battista Real Estate and Reliance Real Estate Craigieburn sell homes in these popular places. SKAD Real Estate also offers great property choices in Craigieburn. These groups know the area well and can share helpful information about each site, such as details on 7 Cordyline Grove.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents in Craigieburn know a lot about houses and land for sale. They work with property prices every day. They use this knowledge to help people who want to buy. Some top agencies are Reliance Real Estate and Di Battista Real Estate.
They can give data on market trends and the median sale price, which is $615,500 now. These agents make it easy for buyers to understand the housing market in Craigieburn.


Reliance Real Estate Craigieburn leads the pack in land sales and property management. It sells homes, apartments, and other properties. Di Battista Real Estate has a good name too.
They deal with properties in Craigieburn, Mickleham, and other areas up north of Melbourne. Both companies use property data to help you make smart choices. They offer services for those who want to buy land in Craigieburn.

Benefits of Living in Craigieburn

Land For Sale In Craigieburn

Living in Craigieburn offers exciting advantages like close proximity to Melbourne CBD, abundant amenities including schools and shopping centres, and a thriving community that promotes a balanced lifestyle.

Proximity to Melbourne CBD

Craigieburn sits 30km north of Melbourne CBD. This close spot makes travel easy for all. The improved transport networks in the area make moving around simple. You can reach the city center fast from Highlands, a Craigieburn community.
Even better, Mason Quarter in Wollert is just 25km away from Melbourne’s CBD! With plans for better traffic flow between Craigieburn and Melbourne CBD, it should become even easier to get to the city soon.

Access to amenities

Craigieburn has many useful things. There are good roads like Craigieburn Road and Aitken Boulevard. They make travel easier. Melbourne CBD is not far away. This gives more chances for jobs and fun times.
Public hospitals offer good care in the area too. You can also find health services right in Victoria, including Craigieburn itself! So, living in Craigieburn gets you to work fast, lets you play a lot, and keeps you healthy always.

Growing community

Craigieburn shines with its growing community. Many people choose to live here for that reason. The place is full of life and warmth with a focus on family ties and friendship. Jobs, schools, and places for fun are all around in the R2 area.
It’s part of the North Growth Corridor where new homes are built all the time. Groups like Ingenia Lifestyle offer areas just for those over 55 years old too! A great example of this growth is Aston Craigieburn.
This special thing offers everyone a chance to join this active neighborhood way of living.

Tips for Purchasing Land in Craigieburn

To buy land in Craigieburn, determine your budget first. Conduct thorough research on various property developers. Give ample consideration to the location and size of the land. Be aware of any restrictions or zoning laws for the desired area before purchasing.

Determine your budget

Knowing how much money you have is key. First, figure out your financial power. Look at all the extra costs too, like council rates, stamp duty and lenders’ fees. Think about what you can pay for before you buy any land in Craigieburn.
There may be grants or offers that can help lower the price of a new home. Knowing your budget will make buying lands easier and less risky. It’s good to know if you also qualify for any grants when considering a land purchase in Craigieburn.

Research property developers

You need to look up property developers in Craigieburn. Take these steps:
  1. Look for the Aitken Hill Estate developer. This is a big name in Craigieburn.
  2. Check how they have done on past projects. Did they finish on time? Were there any problems?
  3. Look at other properties near the one you want to buy. This will help you know the value of your property.
  4. Use this research before you put money into property here.
  5. Talk with people who know about buying land, like financial advisors and professionals in real estate.
  6. Always follow their advice when buying land in Craigieburn.

Consider location and land size

Pick a good spot for your land! The place of the property matters a lot. Highlands offers big or small sizes, from $599,000. Make sure you think about any hidden costs too. Rules about what you can build might change based on where your land is.
You may have to follow certain building restrictions or zoning regulations. So pick wisely and start planning your dream home!

Understand any restrictions or zoning laws

In Craigieburn, rules for land use are set by the Hume Planning Scheme. These zoning laws tell you what you can and cannot do with your property. You need to know these rules before buying any land.
A section 32 vendor statement gives key information about a property. This includes if there is any debt or bad claims on the property (encumbrances). It also tells if there are limits on how you can use your land (zoning).
Before buying, make sure to carefully check this document.
It’s also wise to look into other important details like environmental impacts and lease agreements. A good real estate agent in Craigieburn can help with this. They know the local market well and can guide you in making a smart choice when buying your land.


Buying land in Craigieburn is a smart move. The prices are good and the place is nice. You get a lot for your money here. So, why wait? Start looking for land in Craigieburn now!


Is there land for sale in Craigieburn?

Yes, you can find various lands available for sale in Craigieburn.

How much does land cost in Craigieburn?

The price of land in Craigieburn varies based on size, location and other factors. It's best to check with local real estate agents for exact prices.

Can I buy a large piece of land in Craigieburn?

Yes, both small and big pieces of land are often up for sale in Craigieburn.

Are there rules about what I can build on my land in Craigieburn?

Yes, building regulations exist and should be followed when you plan to construct something on your purchased land.

How do I find available lands for sale in Craigieburn?

You can look at online listings or contact a local real estate agent who knows the area well to find lands for sale.