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Residents and frequent commuters in Craigieburn are poised to witness substantial improvements on one of the suburb’s main arteries, with ongoing upgrades designed to elevate the vitality of the region’s transport network. The much-needed facelift on Craigieburn Road promises to alleviate current traffic woes, providing the much-anticipated relief that comes with meticulously planned roadwork. The stretch from Hume Highway through to Mickleham Road has been earmarked for a series of enhancements that include the introduction of additional lanes to ease congestion, the strategic placement of traffic lights at several junctions, and the creation of dedicated bus priority lanes.

In an effort to nurture a safer and more inclusive environment for pedestrian and cyclists, the project entails the construction of new paths, complemented by the installation of safety barriers. These actions are meticulously engineered to offer an array of advantages, ultimately improving road safety, streamlining the flow of traffic, and curbing travel times for local and transit commuters. As a testament to the substantial progress made, the revamped intersection at Craigieburn and Mickleham Roads is already delivering a smoother traffic experience, signalling the beginning of Craigieburn’s transformative journey.

Create an image of a road closure sign on Craigieburn Road, with detour directions indicated by arrows and symbols. The sign should be prominently displayed, with bright colors and clear text, to alert drivers of the closure and guide them toward the alternate route. The surrounding landscape should be visible but not distracting, and the image should convey a sense of urgency and importance. Possible elements could include construction equipment, traffic cones, or other indicators of road work in progress.

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrades on Craigieburn Road aim to augment traffic flow and road safety between Hume Highway and Mickleham Road.
  • New infrastructure, including extra lanes and traffic lights, have been introduced to mitigate congestion.
  • The development of dedicated bus priority lanes is set to enhance public transport reliability.
  • With the positioning of pedestrian and cycling tracks, the project underscores the community’s accessibility and safety.
  • The initiation of safety barriers is a significant move towards protecting motorists and non-motorists alike.
  • The project’s partial completion has already resulted in traffic improvements, as evident at the intersection of Craigieburn and Mickleham Roads.

Craigieburn Road Closure: Vital Information and Alternative Routes

As Craigieburn continues to grow, the road network is evolving to match the needs of this dynamic community. Vital upgrades along Craigieburn Road are currently underway, significantly impacting traffic flow and accessibility. The Craigieburn road closure information is crucial for residents and commuters to navigate around the ongoing roadworks and minimise disruption to their daily routines.

The Current State of Upgrades Along Craigieburn Road

Efforts to enhance the Craigieburn Road stretch have led to the refinement of pedestrian crossings near Benston Street, with the incorporation of upgraded traffic lights. Adjacent to the bustling Craigieburn Sports Stadium and D.S. Aitken Reserve, a new pedestrian crossing is being installed, improving safety and accessibility for pedestrians. Furthermore, the construction of new walking and cycling paths is a testament to the commitment to safer and more versatile travel options.

Key Details on Roadworks Between Hume Highway and Mickleham Road

A major section of Craigieburn Road, stretching across approximately 700 metres, is slated for closure. This affects the section between Hanson and Bridgewater roads, starting on June 23 and continuing until August 19. During this period, the road closure news has prompted the implementation of strategically planned detours and traffic diversion arrangements to ensure that the impact on the local community and traffic is as inconsequential as possible.

Alternatives and Detours for Motorists Amidst Road Closures

The concept of a smooth commute is currently being redefined for Craigieburn residents, as travel routes are altered to navigate around the Craigieburn road closure. Commuters travelling from the north face diversions via Hanson Road, Medway Road, and Cimberwood Drive. In contrast, traffic from Hume Highway aiming to reach the Craigieburn Plaza are rerouted towards Grand Boulevard. Detours are clearly marked and have been communicated extensively to ensure that the traffic diversion Craigieburn does not catch motorists by surprise.

  • Hanson Road – Alternate for northern travellers
  • Medway Road and Cimberwood Drive – Support detours for northern route diversions
  • Grand Boulevard – Substitution for Hume Highway traffic towards Craigieburn Plaza
  • Hothlyn Drive and Bridgewater Road – Detour options for the southern precincts

Understanding the Craigieburn road traffic disruption these works may cause, the Major Road Projects authority requests public cooperation. Dipal Sorathia, program director, urges those affected to plan their movement cautiously and allocate additional travel time during these intensive roadwork phases.

RegionDetour RouteDuration of Closure
North of Craigieburn RoadHanson Road, Medway Road, Cimberwood DriveJune 23 – August 19
South of Craigieburn RoadHothlyn Drive, Bridgewater RoadJune 23 – August 19
Hume Highway – Craigieburn PlazaGrand BoulevardJune 23 – August 19

The Impact of Roadworks on Craigieburn Road Traffic and Local Community

As Melbourne’s outer north continues to flourish, the Craigieburn road traffic disruption has been a focal point of concern. In June 2021, a significant transport infrastructure project commenced on Craigieburn Road, anticipated to complete by the year 2025. This initiative is a response to the need for a robust infrastructure that can withstand the growing strain of approximately 28,000 vehicles that travel the road daily, connecting Hume Highway and Mickleham Road.

A concerted effort to maintain transparency and support among the local communities has been a hallmark of the road upgrade campaign. Especially during a seven-week construction spree that commenced at the start of January 2023. Community engagement was heightened, orchestrated with precision by the diligent Comacon team. This team played a vital role in articulating the nuances of the construction impacts, bolstering field support with measures like door-to-door outreach and informative public sessions.

Engagement initiatives by Comacon culminated in gathering around 6,000 individuals, thanking the community for their patience and resilience as a marker for the conclusion of this phase’s disruptive activities.

Despite meticulously planned disruptions and community engagements, the current roadworks have necessitated issuance of regular road closure notices and updates that affect day-to-day movement and have had varying impacts on local businesses and residents.

Show the progress of Craigieburn Road upgrade through a bird’s-eye view perspective, highlighting the new sections of road and improvements to surrounding infrastructure. Incorporate bright colors and textures to depict the advancements and changes being made.

Below is a representation of the various effects that these road closures have had:

ImpactCommunity ResponseAdaptations
Increased travel timeMixed feedback with some frustrationsUtilisation of alternative routes
Local business accessConcerns over reduced foot trafficAdoption of delivery services
Noise and dust pollutionHealth and lifestyle complaintsImplementation of mitigation strategies
Safety concernsRequests for improved signageIntroduction of additional safety barriers
Public transport delaysAdjustments in commuting schedulesEnhancement of transport service communication

Amidst all these changes and the ongoing road closure news reaching the public domain, it has been crucial for the project developers and the community leaders to consistently work together, mitigating the inevitable inconveniences to ensure that the long-term benefits of the Craigieburn Road Upgrade are not overshadowed by the short-term challenges.


The Craigieburn Road Upgrade is a venture poised to deliver profound benefits to the Craigieburn community and its surrounding localities. The upgrades will pave the way for a more efficient and secure travel experience, providing a network that rises to the challenges of a burgeoning local population and the associated traffic demands. By endeavouring to deliver a streamlined flow of traffic, reduce congestion, and promote safety, the project stands as a testament to the commitment towards enhancing the quality of road infrastructure in Victoria.

The Projected Benefits Post Craigieburn Road Upgrades

Following the completion of the roadworks, residents and motorists can anticipate significant progressions in mobility and accessibility. The introduction of extra lanes, improved signal coordination, and dedicated bus lanes will contribute to more reliable public transportation services, thereby increasing uptake and reducing the reliance on private vehicles. Improved access to key transport links, such as the Hume Highway, further solidifies the project’s role in strengthening the regional transport grid while fostering better integration of community and business interactions within the northern corridor.

Timeline and Expected Completion of Craigieburn Road Overhaul

With an eye on the calendar, the timeline for the ambitious Craigieburn Road Upgrade aligns with a 2025 completion date. This strategic investment in infrastructure echoes the leadership’s acknowledgment of the critical role that effective transportation networks play in supporting community growth and economic development. For the most current road closure updates, work schedules, and guidance on planning alternative routes during this progressive chapter of road enhancement, stakeholders are invited to consult official state resources for the latest road closure information and to remain informed about the ongoing roadwork updates in Craigieburn.


What is the scope of the Craigieburn Road Upgrade?

The Craigieburn Road Upgrade is a comprehensive transformation from the Hume Highway to Mickleham Road, aiming to improve traffic flow and road safety by adding extra lanes, upgrading traffic lights at intersections, introducing bus priority lanes, and enhancing the pedestrian and cycling paths.

What are the specific changes being made at the intersection near Benston Street and Craigieburn Sports Stadium?

Near Benston Street, pedestrian crossing traffic lights are being upgraded, and a new pedestrian crossing with traffic lights is being installed near the Craigieburn Sports Stadium and D.S. Aitken Reserve to ensure safer crossings for locals.

Are there any road closures currently affecting Craigieburn Road?

Yes, a key section of Craigieburn Road measuring 700 metres is closed to traffic between Hanson and Bridgewater Roads from June 23 to August 19 to allow for the construction of new lanes and other necessary infrastructure.

What detours are available for motorists during the Craigieburn Road closure?

Motorists on the north side of the closure can use detours via Hanson Road, Medway Road, and Cimberwood Drive. On the southern side, alternative routes include Hothlyn Drive and Bridgewater Road. For Hume Highway traffic heading towards Craigieburn Plaza, detours through Grand Boulevard are provided.

How is the community being informed about the ongoing construction impacts and road closures?

The Comacon team is actively engaged in community communication through methods like door knocking, information sessions, and community events. These efforts are supported by updated information on official platforms such as,, and

What long-term benefits will the Craigieburn Road upgrades provide?

Once completed, the upgrades are expected to deliver smoother traffic flow, enhanced overall travel times, safer commutes, improved access to the Hume Highway, increased connectivity to northern activity centres, and better public transport efficiency due to the introduction of bus priority lanes.

When is the Craigieburn Road Upgrade expected to be completed?

The Craigieburn Road Upgrade is scheduled to be completed by 2025, with Major Road Projects program director Dipal Sorathia expressing gratitude for the community’s patience during these disruptive but necessary works.

Where can residents get the latest updates on road closures and traffic disruptions?

Residents can stay informed on Craigieburn Road closures and traffic diversions by visiting official websites such as for major projects updates, for traffic management information, and for public transport disruptions and scheduling.