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In the heart of Craigieburn, Our Lady’s Parish serves as a cornerstone of spirituality and unity, where the profound teachings of mercy and compassion by the Catholic Church reverberate through its community activities. The Parish Priest, Fr. Varghese Kurisingal, extends a heartfelt welcome to all, creating an environment where justice, love, contentment, and serenity flourish. Renowned as a faith-based school in Craigieburn, the Parish underpins the community values of Craigieburn, guiding parishioners to live intentionally and compassionately in a diverse society.

This thriving community hub is fueled by the togetherness during the liturgy of the Eucharist, where people from different walks of life come together to celebrate their faith. Through an array of ministries and active participation, Our Lady’s Craigieburn stands as a vibrant beacon of hope and harmony, bound by the inspirational legacy of Our Lady and the blessings of Christ.

A serene setting with a modern-looking building in the center, surrounded by lush greenery and colorful flowers. People of all ages are gathered outside, some chatting and laughing while others sit on benches or walk around. In the distance, there is a playground with children playing and running around. The sky is a vibrant shade of blue with a few fluffy clouds. The building has large windows that let in natural light, and you can see people inside participating in various activities such as art classes, prayer sessions, and community events. Overall, the scene exudes warmth, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging.

Key Takeaways

  • Our Lady’s Craigieburn epitomizes a collective journey of faith anchored in Catholic Church teachings.
  • The Parish Priest embraces one and all, encouraging the values of justice and love within the community.
  • Recognized as a prominent faith-based school in Craigieburn, it plays a pivotal role in educating and nurturing young minds.
  • Celebrations of the Eucharist act as the heartbeat of the Parish, uniting diverse cultures and beliefs.
  • Our Lady’s Craigieburn is committed to the spiritual growth and communal support of its parishioners and the broader community.

Welcome to Our Lady’s Craigieburn Community

Our Lady’s Craigieburn shines as a sanctuary where faith and community intersect with vibrancy and purpose, inviting people from all walks of life into a space that cherishes diversity and encourages unity through Christ. A cornerstone for the primary school Craigieburn and secondary school Craigieburn districts, the parish champions a feeling of belonging and understanding amongst its diverse cultural tapestry.

Embracing Diversity and Unity in Faith

In Craigieburn, where hearts and horizons converge, Our Lady’s provides not only religious guidance but fosters an inclusive environment. The mosaic of cultures within the community is mirrored by the parish’s dedication to being a best school in Craigieburn, nurturing young minds from varied backgrounds in a faith-filled educational atmosphere.

Through the bond of shared beliefs and communal worship, the Parish of Our Lady’s has become a beacon, casting a light that draws individuals closer to God and closer together, constructing a foundation of support fortified by love and respect for one another.

Liturgical Celebrations at the Heart of the Parish

At the core of Our Lady’s Craigieburn, the Eucharist holds a special place, uniting all members in a rhythmic celebration of their faith. These occasions, particularly poignant during weekend masses, are moments when the entire community gathers to share in the grace and gratitude of worship.

The sacraments, a series of stepping stones on one’s spiritual journey, are observed and celebrated with the tenderness and tradition that are hallmarks of Our Lady’s. It is these shared experiences, rich in history and heartfelt in their execution, that attest to the parish’s dedication to fostering not just liturgical observance but an ever-growing, vibrant spiritual community.

Education and Formation: A Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of Craigieburn lies a commitment to fostering an environment that integrates faith with learning. The Catholic education system within Our Lady’s Craigieburn Parish has become synonymous with not only imparting quality education but also nurturing the spiritual development of its students. This holistic approach to learning ensures that the schools under the Parish’s wing are not just centres of academic excellence, but also nurturing grounds for the soul.

The Role of Catholic Schools in Nurturing Faith

Consider the valuable role that institutions like Our Lady’s Craigieburn Catholic Primary School, Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, and Mother Theresa Catholic Primary School play. Each establishment is unique yet brings together a common thread: guiding young minds towards a stronger, more vibrant faith. It’s in these spaces that children and young adults learn to intertwine the values of Catholic doctrine with the challenges of daily life.

Supporting Academic Excellence in Craigieburn

Educators in Craigieburn’s Catholic schools, such as Oscar Romero Catholic Primary School and Kolbe College, strive to elevate the standards of education. They ensure that all students are given equal opportunities to excel, empowering them to surpass expectations and achieve their full potential. These schools have become beacons of academic excellence, setting the bar high for educational quality and performance in the region.

Our Lady’s Craigieburn: Strengthening Catholic Education

The Parish’s dedication to strengthening catholic education in the community is evident through its network of co-educational institutions. Schools such as Holy Cross Catholic Primary School epitomize the essence of what it means to be a co-ed school in Craigieburn, fostering an environment where every student, regardless of gender, is encouraged to cultivate their faith and excel academically.

The framework that holds this vision together is a curriculum that is both diverse and comprehensive, ensuring that students are not only academically proficient but also well-rounded individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to society.

Our Lady’s Craigieburn: Nurturing Community Through Outreach and Ministries

The heart of Our Lady’s Craigieburn manifests through its unwavering dedication to community outreach and vibrant ministries. With a mission that echoes far beyond the borders of Craigieburn, the Parish displays its commitment to international solidarity and local welfare synchronously. As a notable catholic school craigieburn, the extension of our efforts into global villages underscores our broader vision of community support and development.

Show a colorful and vibrant depiction of Our Lady’s Craigieburn Catholic School actively engaging with the local community, highlighting their various outreach and ministries. The image should showcase people of different ages and backgrounds coming together and participating in activities such as volunteering, community events, and acts of service. The focus should be on the sense of unity and togetherness created by the school’s efforts to help and support those in need, reflecting the values of faith, kindness, and compassion.

Within our local context, Our Lady’s Craigieburn serves as a vital community hub, empowering volunteers to act as the hands and feet of Christ’s love. These individuals give substance to faith, ensuring that the societal echo of their work resonates in myriad ways, from pivotal education supports to the warmth of a Christmassy gesture.

  • Global engagement: Participation in transformative projects in Loi-Ha, Vietnam, manifesting a universal bond and shared commitment to uplift.
  • Domestic support: Collaborations with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul help address and alleviate the plights faced by our local brothers and sisters.
  • Festive generosity: The Christmas Hampers Group and their offerings embody the spirit of giving that thrives within the Parish.
  • Communal care: Greeters and volunteers extend a hand of welcome, ensuring all feel part of this special community.
  • Inclusive services: Special masses and tailored transport arrangements for the unwell and the aged epitomize inclusivity.

It is through these channels of service and kinship that Our Lady’s Craigieburn authentically emulates a living Gospel, fostering a nourishing atmosphere where education and compassion go hand in hand. An immense asset to catholic school initiatives, the community’s many programs are a testament to the Parish’s capacity to extend its influence beyond just academic realms, shaping a holistic, caring society.


In the heart of Craigieburn, Our Lady’s stands as more than just a structure; it is a confluence of faith and fellowship, embodying the robust spirit and community hub Craigieburn is known for. This Parish, rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, has shown unwavering commitment to shaping an environment where compassion thrives and communal bonds strengthen. As an intrinsic part of the neighborhood, Our Lady’s Craigieburn has successfully woven a tapestry of support, education, and spiritual guidance that resonates with the values of its community.

Our Lady’s Craigieburn: A Beacon of Hope and Community Spirit

Under the diligent leadership and with a focus on community inclusion, the Parish has emerged as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for countless individuals and families. The vibrancy of this community hub is evidenced through its diverse cultural expressions and the shared experiences of both the laity and the leadership. With a multitude of outreach programs and an inviting atmosphere, Our Lady’s Craigieburn epitomizes the very essence of a thriving, supportive community that is anchored in faith. The catholic school Craigieburn is an extension of this philosophy, nurturing young minds with a balance of academic rigor and spiritual depth.

An Invitation to Experience Community and Faith in Action

Reflecting an ethos of open invitation, Our Lady’s Craigieburn extends a warm welcome to all who wish to experience a community where faith is lived and celebrated. Whether it be engaging in worship, participating in social outreach, or enrolling in the parish’s robust educational institutions, the invitation is open to experience the unity and spirit of action that defines this community. Through active participation, each individual contributes to the ongoing narrative of Our Lady’s, cementing its status as a cornerstone of faith-based community in Craigieburn.


What is Our Lady’s Craigieburn?

Our Lady’s Craigieburn is a faith and community hub based in Craigieburn, Victoria, underpinned by the values of the Catholic Church. It comprises a vibrant parish community led by Parish Priest Fr. Varghese Kurisingal and includes multiple educational institutions that offer quality Catholic education.

What type of educational institutions does Our Lady’s Craigieburn offer?

Our Lady’s Craigieburn hosts several Catholic co-educational institutions that cater to primary and secondary education. These schools are dedicated to nurturing faith and academic excellence, providing a supportive environment that fosters the spiritual and educational growth of their students.

How does Our Lady’s Craigieburn embrace diversity and unity?

Our Lady’s Craigieburn embraces diversity by uniting various cultures under one faith in Christ Jesus. Through its liturgical celebrations, ministries, and education programs, the parish fosters communion with God and each other, creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all.

What role do Catholic schools at Our Lady’s Craigieburn play in nurturing faith?

The Catholic schools within Our Lady’s Craigieburn Parish play a crucial role in nurturing faith by integrating Catholic values and teachings into their curriculum. This approach helps to guide students towards spiritual development alongside their academic pursuits.

How does Our Lady’s Craigieburn support academic excellence?

Through its commitment to providing a comprehensive education, Our Lady’s Craigieburn’s schools encourage academic excellence by offering a broad curriculum bolstered by a focus on critical thinking, leadership, and service-oriented citizenship.

How does Our Lady’s Craigieburn strengthen Catholic education?

Our Lady’s Craigieburn strengthens Catholic education by maintaining high standards in both religious and secular learning. The schools within the Parish are committed to the holistic development of students, underpinned by a solid Catholic ethos.

What outreach and ministry opportunities does Our Lady’s Craigieburn provide?

Our Lady’s Craigieburn nurtures its community through various outreach and ministry efforts such as global solidarity initiatives, domestic support for the less fortunate, and numerous volunteer-led groups. These activities reflect the parish’s commitment to living out the Gospel through meaningful action and service.

How can I get involved with Our Lady’s Craigieburn community?

Individuals and families can get involved with Our Lady’s Craigieburn community by participating in its liturgical celebrations, volunteering for its outreach and ministry programs, or enrolling in its education institutions. The parish warmly welcomes everyone wishing to join its vibrant and diverse community.