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The suburb of Craigieburn has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the rise of Aston Estate, a residential development that has become a beacon of contemporary living in Melbourne’s thriving north. Offering a myriad of new homes, the estate is not just a place to reside but a community designed to flourish. The meticulously planned housing estate Craigieburn offers a variety of affordable homes set amidst a beautiful, natural backdrop.

In recent strides, the development has seen significant growth, with key milestones including land releases and constructions. One of the estate’s pivotal moments occurred with the 43 lot subdivision at Gilded Way, marking a substantial step towards completion. Stages such as Stage 1 and Stage 31 have further augmented the availability of land for sale Craigieburn, presenting an opportunity for property seekers to invest in the locale’s promising real estate. Evidently, Aston Estate Craigieburn is shaping up to be not just a housing development but a sanctuary for modern family life.

Key Takeaways

  • Aston Estate serves as a premier destination for those searching for property for sale Craigieburn.
  • With its variety of new homes Craigieburn, the estate caters to diverse buyer preferences.
  • The development showcases affordable and high-quality housing in a family-friendly environment.
  • Investors and homebuyers are drawn to the promising real estate opportunities and land for sale Craigieburn.
  • As a residential development Craigieburn, Aston Estate is recognized for its well-integrated community amenities and design.

Aston Estate Craigieburn: A Benchmark in Community Living

Embodying a design philosophy centered on harmony and functionality, Aston Estate Craigieburn represents the pinnacle of masterplanned community Craigieburn, delivering a lifestyle that balances beauty, community, and sustainability. The estate champions the notion of a family-friendly community, intertwining green spaces with residential convenience.

The Vision of Aston Estate: Master-Planned Excellence

Renowned for its meticulous urban design, Aston Estate Craigieburn has been transformed into a beacon of master-planned excellence. The estate’s dedication shines through its preparation of formal Plans of Subdivisions, ensuring that property for sale in Craigieburn meets the highest standards of community planning and sustainability. Esteemed firms such as Veris Australia Pty Ltd have sustained this philosophy by imparting exceptional surveying expertise.

Award-Winning Development: UDIA Victoria 2020 Best Masterplanned Development

This award-winning development in Craigieburn has received the prestigious UDIA Victoria 2020 Best Masterplanned Development award, a tribute to its outstanding infrastructure and careful planning. With over 20 hectares of Active and Open Spaces, Aston Estate champions both aesthetic sensibilities and an active lifestyle, crafting land for sale in Craigieburn that aligns with both individual and community well-being.

Community Amenities: Schools, Shops, and Recreational Spaces

The strategic location of Aston Estate offers convenient access to myriad community amenities, strengthening the housing estate Craigieburn’s appeal. The close proximity to schools, retail precincts, and recreational spaces caters to families and individuals alike, facilitating a blend of education, commerce, and leisure seamlessly within the community. The future connection to Aitken Boulevard and the anticipated Observation Park are set to enhance this connectivity further.

Sustainable Urban Living: Landscaped Wetlands and Open Spaces

Central to the sustainable living Craigieburn ethos of Aston Estate is the commitment to an environment that encourages eco-friendly living. The community features an extensive array of landscaped wetlands and open spaces, fostering a serene and ecologically balanced habitat for residents. With plans for westward expansion, the community’s desire for sustainable urban living will continue to flourish, marking Aston Estate as a dynamic and evergreen real estate option in Craigieburn.

Master-Planned ExcellenceIntegrated urban design with formal plans for subdivisionsEnsures a cohesive and sustainable residential environment
UDIA Award RecognitionAcknowledged for superior community planningValidates the premium quality and desirability of Aston Estate
Local AmenitiesAccess to schools, shops, and parksDelivers convenience and enhances lifestyle quality
Sustainable LivingLandscaped wetlands and open spacesPromotes ecological balance and offers a greener living space

Property Opportunities at Aston Estate

Exploring Aston Estate in Craigieburn unveils a variety of attractive property for sale that cater to both investor profiles and potential homeowners. With a range of house and land packages Craigieburn provides, individuals can find affordable and tailored options that fit their needs within a family-friendly community.

These real estate Craigieburn offerings showcase diverse lot sizes, ensuring that each family or individual can select a space that accommodates their lifestyle. Particularly, the turnkey house and land packages in Craigieburn stand out for their comprehensive inclusion list — from site costs to landscaping, every facet is covered, allowing for a predictable and transparent purchasing journey.

Attention to detail and focus on community integration elevate these affordable homes in Craigieburn beyond mere structures to places where life’s cherished memories will unfold. The commitment to creating a harmonious living environment is evidenced not just in the well-appointed residences but also in the shared spaces that bond the community together.

Lot SizePackage FeaturesCommunity Benefits
263sqm – 350sqmCompact designs, environmentally friendly materials, full turnkey solutionsCommunity parks, local retail centres, public transport accessibility
351sqm – 450sqmSpacious layouts, modern aesthetics, high-quality finishesSchools within walking distance, recreational areas, community events
451sqm – 609sqmGenerous family homes, custom features, luxury fittingsScenic landscaped routes, sports facilities, neighbourhood safety initiatives

The real estate landscape in Craigieburn is poised to meet a spectrum of desires and needs, aligning with the growing demand for residential spaces that don’t compromise on quality or communal living experience. Aston Estate is truly a portrait of a vibrant and family-friendly community in Craigieburn, primed to welcome new inhabitants to its thriving neighbourhood.


In the heart of Melbourne’s expanding northern corridor, Aston Estate Craigieburn manifests as an archetype of modern living, adeptly fusing the comforts of residential amenities with a rich sense of community. Reflecting the aspirations of a family-friendly community, this venerated residential development is a testament to meticulous planning and sustainable development. Aston Estate is not merely a location to reside but a dynamic environment encouraging active and integrated living.

Amid the thriving real estate landscape of Craigieburn, Aston Estate is a beacon for those in pursuit of new homes within a verdant setting. Affirming its status as an illustrious suburb, the estate offers an assortment of property for sale, tailored to meet the diverse needs of its residents. Here, affordable homes do not compromise on style nor substance, providing a solid foundation for homeowners to carve out their idyllic lifestyles.

The commitment of Aston Estate to quality and comprehensive development resonates with both families seeking a sanctuary and investors seeking value. Its proximity to Melbourne’s CBD elevates the allure, ensuring that residents enjoy the suburban tranquility without being disconnected from the city’s pulse. As a refined example of urban planning and community design, Aston Estate Craigieburn stands as a coveted destination, embracing the future with a promise of growth and prosperity.


What does the Aston Estate in Craigieburn offer to potential homebuyers?

The Aston Estate in Craigieburn provides a range of property options including off-the-plan and turnkey house and land packages, along with individual lots for sale. It offers modern, affordable homes within a family-friendly community boasting open spaces, recreational areas, and close proximity to schools and retail precincts.

Why is Aston Estate considered an award-winning development?

Aston Estate received the honour of UDIA Victoria 2020 Best Masterplanned Development due to its exceptional community infrastructure, careful urban planning, and the integration of landscapes and amenities that contribute to the high quality of life for residents.

What are the amenities and facilities like at Aston Estate Craigieburn?

Residents of Aston Estate Craigieburn have access to a variety of amenities including schools, shopping centres, and recreational facilities. The development is also close to planned connections like Aitken Boulevard and natural attractions such as Observation Park, making it a convenient and attractive place for families and professionals.

Can you provide more details about the sustainable practices at Aston Estate Craigieburn?

Aston Estate Craigieburn is committed to sustainable urban living, featuring landscaped wetlands and expansive open spaces that serve as green lungs for the suburb. The community is being developed with an eye on ecological balance and aims to provide a serene and sustainable environment for its residents.

What is the range of property sizes available in Aston Estate?

In Aston Estate, lot sizes vary considerably, with options ranging from 263sqm to 609sqm, catering to diverse needs and preferences. The properties are engineered with essential features for complete homes, including site costs, landscaping, and driveways, all within an inclusive and fixed pricing structure.

Is Aston Estate a good place for families to live?

Definitely, Aston Estate is designed to be a family-friendly community with over 20 hectares of Active and Open Spaces, schools nearby, and a range of housing options suitable for families of various sizes. The master-planned community is focused on creating a vibrant, active, and inclusive environment for all residents.

How is the residential development at Aston Estate progressing?

Aston Estate is continuously evolving, with new stages and homes being developed regularly. This includes the completion of key stages like the 43 lot subdivision and the ongoing extension of the residential zone to accommodate more families and investors looking for property in Craigieburn.

Are there any financial incentives for first-home buyers at Aston Estate?

Prospective buyers, including first-home buyers, are encouraged to review current government grants and incentives as they can significantly benefit when purchasing property at Aston Estate. Additionally, fixed pricing on house and land packages can aid in financial planning for the new homeowners.