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House for Rent in Craigieburn - Your Ideal Property Awaits

House for Rent in Craigieburn
Nestled in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Craigieburn is a thriving community that offers a myriad of options for those looking to rent a house. With a diverse range of properties catering to various budgets and preferences, Craigieburn is well-connected to Melbourne CBD and boasts numerous amenities that make living here enjoyable and convenient. From young professionals to growing families, Craigieburn has rental properties to suit everyone.
As rental demand continues to grow in this suburb, it is essential for potential tenants to familiarize themselves with the rental market and process in Craigieburn. By understanding the types of houses available, essential features to look for, and becoming acquainted with the local lifestyle, prospective renters can make informed decisions that best suit their individual needs.
In addition to its excellent connectivity and varied housing options, Craigieburn offers an array of recreational facilities, shopping centres, schools, and parks that contribute to its family-friendly environment. Those seeking a rental home in Craigieburn can expect a vibrant community spirit and convenient access to all aspects of everyday life.

Key Takeaways

  • Craigieburn offers a range of rental properties catering to diverse preferences and budgets.
  • Prospective renters should understand the types of houses available and essential features to look for when renting.
  • Craigieburn boasts various amenities, including recreational facilities, shopping centres, and schools, contributing to its family-friendly environment.
House for Rent in Craigieburn

Overview of Craigieburn

Craigieburn is a thriving suburb located in the northern metropolitan area of Melbourne, Victoria (VIC). Known for its family-friendly community atmosphere and numerous amenities, it has quickly become a popular destination for renters looking for a balance between city life and suburban tranquillity.
The real estate market in Craigieburn offers a mix of different housing options, including modern townhouses, single-family homes, and newly constructed estates. Rental properties in this VIC suburb are affordable, with 3-bedroom houses often available around $400 per week, making it an attractive choice for families and professionals alike.
Transportation is readily available in Craigieburn, with its own train station providing easy access to Melbourne’s CBD. Additionally, the suburb is surrounded by major roads such as the Hume Freeway and the M80 Ring Road, ensuring a convenient commute for those working in the city or its neighbouring areas.
One of Craigieburn’s noteworthy features is its emphasis on green spaces and recreational facilities. There are many parks, reserves, and sports centres available for residents to enjoy, allowing for a healthy and active lifestyle. Moreover, several local schools cater to families with children, covering a range of education levels from primary through to secondary education.
Shopping and dining options are plentiful within the suburb, with the popular Craigieburn Plaza being a hub for groceries, apparel, and dining. Meanwhile, the nearby Craigieburn Central offers an even broader range of retail shops, dining establishments, and entertainment options such as a cinema.
With its excellent amenities, transport connections, and focus on community living, Craigieburn stands as an ideal choice for individuals and families seeking a comfortable rental property in a well-connected Melbourne suburb.
House for Rent in Craigieburn

Renting in Craigieburn

Craigieburn is a growing suburb located in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Victoria. It offers a wide variety of rental properties and real estate options, catering to diverse needs and preferences. With an extensive range of houses available for rent, it’s an attractive option for families, professionals, and students.
The rental market in Craigieburn presents a range of houses, from cosy 2-bedroom units to spacious 5-bedroom family homes. A 4-bedroom house with a double garage typically rents for $450 to $620 per week, depending on the location and amenities. Smaller 3-bedroom homes can be found for around $420 to $460 per week, while more upscale options with additional features may go for $600 per week or higher.
Amenities in the area include various shopping centres, schools, medical facilities, and recreational spaces. Renters can enjoy easy access to public transport, with Craigieburn train station connecting the suburb to Melbourne CBD in approximately an hour. The Hume Highway is also nearby, providing a convenient route for those commuting by car.
The rental process in Craigieburn is straightforward and usually involves attending inspections, submitting an application, and signing a lease upon approval. Domain and are popular websites to browse available properties and book inspection times.

Here are a few examples of rental properties in Craigieburn:

  • 49 Riverglen Drive: A 4-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a double garage. The rent for this property is $570 per week.
  • 91 Regatta Drive: A 3-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a single garage. The rent for this property is $460 per week.
  • 13 Kingston Heath Court: A 4-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a double garage. The rent for this property is $500 per week.

In summary, Craigieburn offers a diverse range of rental properties to suit various budgets and needs, making it an appealing choice for renters seeking a balanced lifestyle in a growing suburban community.

House for Rent in Craigieburn

Types of Houses for Rent

In Craigieburn, there is a variety of housing options available for rent to accommodate various preferences and needs. The most common types of houses available for rent include detached houses, townhouses, and apartments.

Detached Houses

Detached houses are standalone properties that offer more privacy and space compared to other housing options. They typically have a front yard and backyard, providing more outdoor space for tenants to enjoy. Detached houses in Craigieburn come in various sizes, ranging from smaller two-bedroom homes to larger four or five-bedroom properties. Rent for a detached house in Craigieburn can start from around $360 for a two-bedroom home.


Townhouses are an excellent option for those seeking a balance between space and low-maintenance living. These properties are generally comprised of two or three levels and share a common wall with their neighbours. Townhouses often have a small private outdoor area and may have shared communal spaces like parks or playgrounds. Craigieburn offers numerous townhouses for rent, with three-bedroom properties commonly available for around $380.


Apartments are ideal for those looking for a more compact living space. They usually consist of one or two bedrooms and often have shared facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, or communal gardens. Apartments in Craigieburn can be found in both low-rise and high-rise buildings. Rent for apartments in the area varies according to factors such as size, location, and amenities within the building.
In summary, whether you’re looking for a spacious detached house, a comfortable townhouse, or a convenient apartment, Craigieburn offers an array of rental properties to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

Features to Look for When Renting

When searching for a house for rent in Craigieburn, there are various factors to consider in order to make an informed decision. In this section, we will discuss four key aspects: Location, Price, Condition of the House, and Facilities and Amenities.


The location is vital in determining the house’s accessibility to essential services, such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centres. In addition, consider the proximity to public transport and the duration of the commute to work or other regular destinations. To find a suitable location, pay attention to the rental properties’ addresses in Craigieburn, such as 49 Riverglen Drive and 91 Regatta Drive.


It’s crucial to establish a budget and compare the weekly rent prices of different properties in Craigieburn. The rent for a 4-bedroom house at 7 Breccia Street is $600 per week, while 14 Brio Drive offers a 3-bedroom house for $500 per week. Make sure to evaluate whether the rent is reasonable for the property’s size, condition, and location.

Condition of the House

Inspect the property thoroughly before finalising the rental agreement. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as cracked walls, leaking roofs, and damaged floorings. Make a note of the appliances and fixtures included, and assess their condition. The property at 14 Brio Drive boasts a chic-looking, double-bowl vanity ensuite with an oversized shower in the primary bedroom.

Facilities and Amenities

Examine the availability of facilities and amenities in the rental property and the surrounding area. Some properties may offer a garage, backyard, or central heating, while others may lack these features. In Craigieburn, houses such as 12 Kooyong Way and 263 Highlander Drive offer 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 car spaces each. Always consider your requirements and preferences when weighing up these additional factors.

Renting Process

Finding a House

The first step in renting a house in Craigieburn is to search for available properties. You can look for rental listings on popular websites like Domain and These websites provide extensive property listings with filtering options such as price range, number of bedrooms, and location. Alternatively, reach out to local real estate agencies like LJ Hooker Craigieburn to help you find the perfect rental property.

Applying for Rent

Once you’ve found a suitable house, the next step is to apply for rent. You’ll need to fill out a rental application form, providing personal and financial details, along with proof of identification and income. Make sure to have photocopies of your:

  • Passport or driver’s licence
  • Pay slips or bank statements
  • Rental history and references

Some properties may have an open inspection, where you can visit the house personally and gather more information before making your decision. Keep in mind the demand for rental properties in Craigieburn, so it’s essential to act promptly and submit your application.

Signing the Lease

If your rental application is successful, you will receive a lease agreement from the landlord or property manager. This document outlines the terms and conditions for renting the house, such as the rental amount, duration, and maintenance responsibilities. Review the lease carefully and clarify any doubts before signing.

Take note of the following details in the lease:

  • Bond: Generally, you’ll need to pay a bond equivalent to 4 weeks rent. The bond is held as a security deposit to cover any damages or unpaid rent.
  • Rent: Ensure the rental amount and payment frequency are clearly mentioned.
  • Lease Term: Verify the start and end date of the lease, and whether it’s a fixed or periodic agreement.

Moving In

After signing the lease, coordinate with the landlord or property manager to schedule a move-in date. Perform a thorough inspection of the property and document any pre-existing damage or issues. Share this with the landlord to avoid disputes in the future.
Once you’ve moved in, follow the terms and conditions laid out in the lease, maintain the property responsibly, and pay rent on time. If any issues arise during your tenancy, communicate promptly with your landlord or property manager to resolve them.

Living in Craigieburn

Craigieburn is a fast-growing suburb in Victoria, Australia, known for its family-friendly environment and excellent access to amenities. The suburb offers a perfect blend of modern living, vibrant culture, and open spaces, making it a highly desirable place to live.


Getting around Craigieburn is convenient and straightforward thanks to its well-developed public transport network. The suburb is serviced by Craigieburn Railway Station, providing residents with quick and easy access to Melbourne’s central business district and other nearby suburbs. Additionally, a variety of bus routes connect Craigieburn with neighbouring areas, further enhancing the ease of commuting in and around town.

Shopping and Dining

Craigieburn boasts a diverse range of shopping and dining options, catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences. The Craigieburn Central is the suburb’s major shopping centre, featuring popular retail outlets, supermarkets, eateries, and a cinema. With a fantastic selection of cafés and restaurants, residents can enjoy a variety of cuisines, from locally sourced Australian fare to international delights.

Parks and Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of parks and recreational facilities available in Craigieburn. The local area features numerous open green spaces, including the popular Malcolm Creek Linear Park, where residents can take a leisurely walk, run, or bike ride while enjoying scenic views and exploring the various playgrounds and picnic facilities on offer. Additionally, Craigieburn provides several sports facilities, catering to an array of fitness and sporting needs for residents.


In Craigieburn, Victoria, there are various rental properties available for potential tenants to consider. With a wide range of options, renters can find houses that suit their needs and preferences.
Some of the rental properties available in Craigieburn include homes at 7 Breccia Street for $600 per week and 8/31 Moor Park Drive for $440 per week. More options can be found in addresses such as 17 Bowral Loop, 54 Hamilton Hume Parade, and 263 Highlander Drive, offering diverse choices for renters.
Properties in Craigieburn showcase various features including different numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking spaces. For instance, the property at 93 Hanson Road in Craigieburn offers a 4-bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces for $680 per week. This further highlights the variety in rental homes Craigieburn presents.
To find the ideal rental property in Craigieburn, it is prudent for prospective tenants to attend open house inspections and pay attention to the listings provided by local real estate agencies such as Ray White Craigieburn and C Square Real Estate.
In summary, Craigieburn provides an array of rental properties, giving potential renters numerous options to choose from. Assessing individual needs, preferences, and budgets will assist in finding the most suitable rental home in this vibrant suburb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical rental price for houses in Craigieburn?

In Craigieburn, rental prices for houses vary, but they generally fall within a range of $440 to $680 per week. For example, a 3-bedroom house may cost around $440 per week, while a 4-bedroom house could be around $560 to $620 per week. A 5-bedroom house may be available for rent at approximately $680 per week.

How close are rental properties to public transport?

Rental properties in Craigieburn are typically located close to public transport options, making it easy for residents to commute to Melbourne and surrounding areas. Many available rental houses are within walking distance or a short drive to Craigieburn train station, as well as close proximity to numerous bus stops.

Are there any 1 or 5 bedroom houses available for rent?

Yes, there are 1 and 5-bedroom houses available for rent in Craigieburn. While 1-bedroom houses are limited, they can still be found in the area, and 5-bedroom houses are also available, with prices typically around $680 per week.

What types of rentals are available in Craigieburn?

In Craigieburn, you can find various types of rental properties, including houses, townhouses, and apartments. Both furnished and unfurnished properties are available to suit different rental preferences and budgets.

Can I find a granny flat for rent in the area?

While granny flats may not be as common as houses or apartments, you might be able to find a granny flat for rent in Craigieburn. It's essential to search extensively and inquire with local real estate agents for the latest available properties.

Which real estate agencies have rental listings in Craigieburn?

Several real estate agencies serve the Craigieburn area, offering rental listings for houses and other properties. Some reputable agencies include C Square Real Estate, Domain, Ray White Craigieburn, and Homely.